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The art of pairing hues with good intentions across health and wellness facilities.

Soft hues.
Monochrome, tone on tone and soft shades are popular choices in hospitality decor, but we particularly love when designers dare to think outside of the box and into specific client perspectives. Like the tone on tone grays with a subtle pop of earthiness and greenery from a simple, yet impactful, grassy wall art on an accent wall. With an easy on the eye monochrome design feel, the pop of green is bursting with energy, inspiration and zen- as only nature can.
Calming patterns.
Serenity plays an important role in designing hospitality spaces. For this particular project Margalit chose calming blues in varying patterns which add visual interest without the dizzying factor. In shades of blue and gray, a distinct calm is evoked, albeit with a playful charm. Soft bed linens, complementing colors, stripes and diagonals. All of those work well together to create the perfect ambient tone.
Simple accents.

It’s important not to overdo the color pops, so Margalit opted for a rather nondescript, modern nightstand with practical drawers and easy access handlebars. “We analyze so much more than just the prettiness of the room, but also how easy it should be for patients and care personnel to get around, get access and be most comfortable.
Natural instincts.
Margalit is especially pleased with a project that involved touches of upscale elegance on a completely neutral color palette. “It looks like anything but a hospital facility. In fact, it’s more of a 5 star hotel room and that’s what we had in mind from the get go”. With practical finishes, well lit spaces, clean and open spaced layouts, and relaxing sandy vibesthe results are astounding. While the bed is, in fact, the focal point of any rehabilitation space, this one is unique, aligned to the space and truly upgraded. It’s those color pairings and finishes that make the world of a difference in any given hospitality space.

PUBLISHEDAugust 23, 2023


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