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The Greatest Showroom .

Summer 2022 at Abode- the recap.

Giving back. Celebrating the design community.

This past July, we celebrated the diverse talents of our local design community by hosting our Greatest Showroom summer soiree. From an intense and value packed role play presentation by Ron Karr to an influencer panel featuring HGTV personality Kate Rumson and restaurateur Shauna Neely, the event left designers with a sense of purpose, camaraderie and value. As moderator, influencer and design enthusiast, Margalit Lankry provided her sense of direction, intrinsic design passion and led the night with her iconic sense of purpose and vision. More than just an event, the evening proved to be the start of something riveting in the design industry and we’re glad to have shaped that direction in the furniture and design arena.
Watch an event replay here.

PUBLISHEDAugust 7, 2023


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